Sometimes casualties and 2 hours navigating through YouTube lead you to incredible new music discoveries like Kate NV. She reminds me a lot to Kate Bush, and that’s a definitive signal that music is good. 

Kate NV (Ekaterina Shilonosova) is a Russian singer-songwriter, producer and vocalist that forms part of the band Glintshake. On 2016 she initiated her solo career with the release of Binasu, followed by для FOR in 2018 and her latest record that is bringing a lot of attention to her music, Room for the Moon (2020).

I don’t speak a single word of Russian, but let me tell that it doesn’t matter. There’s something so ethereal and immersive about her theatrical and moody sound that is enough to trap you into a whole new world. The sinuous melodies inspired by the Soviet 80’s New Wave pop and Japanese new age & pop, are just so delightful to hear. 

As an experimental artist, her music is just half of the message. The visuals and the references that are hidden in it are the pieces that complete her work to make it unique and special. 

Moscow conceptual artist Viktor Pivovarov has profoundly inspired Room for Moon (2020). The album title is a clear reference to all the ideas that are present in his work and the notion of physical elements and how people can have many sides that exist inside themselves, like little worlds. 

There’s a delightful and exciting article in Pitchfork about the nine things that inspired Kate NV during the creation of Room For Moon. Essential reading to understand not only why she sings in multiples languages on the record, but also to be able to learn about the secrets of her dreamy & avant-pop visuals

Save yourself an hour, turn off the lights and get ready to dive into the captivating world of Kate NV and Room for Moon below:


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