Leo Kalyan
Leo Kalyan


Leo Kalyan is a London based artist which style is described by himself as Oceanic, which maybe means Atmospheric R&B/Pop sound – well, that’s how we described it-.


This year he’s gonna challenging himself by releasing a new song every month until February of 2018. So we’ll have a huge amount of tracks by the end of this challenge.


Leo Kalyan’s latest track is called “Versailles” and this is the description that appears on Soundcloud:


Is a song about meeting the perfect person and not needing to change a thing. i have a childhood memory of visiting the palace of versailles in france when i was about 5 years old, and it’s always remained in my mind as a magical, perfect place. that’s the feeling i wanted to revisit & capture for this song.



Listen to the mesmerizing “Versailles”:

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