Do you like dream-pop? Idyllic productions? This new Brighton’s young songwriter, singer and producer LUME is gonna be one of your favourite artists from now on.


She’s gonna release her debut EP “Tip Of Your Thumb” anytime soon, but LUME has released a few tracks before that highly anticipated EP.


The latest one to be released is “Skin”, a beautiful fantasy pop track that surrounds you in an intimate atmosphere. “Tip Of Your Thumb” the perfect track for all the people you are dealing with social media trolls and “Magnets”, her strongest work, a spine-tingling song about attraction.


If you’re near to Hackney next week, you should definitely check her first ever gig at the Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on March 8.


PD: In a few days, we’ll publish our interview with LUME. So stay tuned to our social media accounts for more news.


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