It’s been a while since the last time I introduced a new artist around here. Gladly, today I have the pleasure to write about such a promising singer and songwriter like Mina Okabe.

Usually, I wrote about artists that have 2 or 3 songs out, but in the case of Mina Okabe which first single ever “I’m Done” is out today (October 30th, 2020), I couldn’t deny the fact that I had such an instant connection with her voice and sound, that I knew that I needed to introduce her here.

This 20-years old singer who has both Danish and Japanese’s roots, and grow up in cities like New York and Manila, is ready to let her ambitions and dreams come true from her bedroom in Copenhagen, with the help of her talent and electric guitar. Her potential is easily noticeable.

About “I’m Done”, her debut single, what can I say apart from the fact that this warm and breeze track feels like a hug on a cold winter night. The chill vibe of it and those reminiscences from genres like jazz and soul, create such an extraordinary atmosphere for a debut single that only generates more hype and expectations about all the impressive things that Mina Okabe could possibly bring us in the future.

The lyrics revolve around the transition about how a final decision, can so quickly turn into regret when it’s too late to go back.

Who would know
How to let go
It’s nothing but useless
Now that I have said too much
I’ve got to get through this

Both the song and video, which is visually stunning, are now out via Copenhagen Records. Enjoy it below:


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