Nikki Flores
Nikki Flores


Nikki Flores was made to be an artist since she was a child. In 2005 Epic Records signed her and they started to prepare her debut, a moment that never came although she recorded two albums with them. A few years later she was dropped from the label.


After that, she focused on writing for other artists like Jojo, Christina Aguilera or Nas. Sometimes she was also doing the background vocals for songs like “Adrenalina (Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin)” or “Adrenaline (Demi Lovato)”.


But right now she’s focusing on her own career with the release a few months ago of “XII XV”, a beautiful EP which shows the true potential of Nikki Flores voice and songwriting quality. Tracks like “After All”a truly emotional piece of art– or “About You”that melody is wonderful– are the clearest signs of a promising future of great work.



Listen to “After All” and “How To Love Her” here:


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