Today’s new artist is ReeLiv, a collaborative cross electronic-country duo who have got recently together to create the “ReeLiv EP”, their official debut. This group is formed by an artist and producer, a pair who have entirely written and composed and produced an effective body of work that fuses country pop and electronic music to create their modern sound.


Their identity sign is the classic new-age vocal delivery of their song which mixed with a production which can remain to dream-pop create an exciting piece of work full of harmonies.


The two-track debut EP, includes “Gotta Fall Sometime” and “Fuel to the Fire”, explore confusion and self-doubt in an atmosphere of euphoria and safeness.


Among their inspiration, we can find Cashmere Cat, Miles Davies, Joni Mitchell, Mura Masa and Nandini Srikar. It’s easy to notice that ReeLiv’s music drinks from a diverse palette of genres, creating an enigmatic sound.


You can also read our interview with ReeLiv if you want to know more about their work.


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