Sam Valdez is dreamy singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, whose music is an elegant mix between indie folk and classic Americana. She grew up in Nevada (Las Vegas) and credits the desert as one of her major influences, giving a cinematic sense of solitude to her music.


Before going solo, Sam performed in numerous band and trained as a classical violinist, with both experiences nurturing her musical style with an incredible maturity and creativity.


Her debut EP ‘Mirage’ sits at five unique and different tracks, each one with his own personality and context. 17 minutes of complex lushness in which Valdez delivers a beautiful soundscape of unforgettable indie folk which is hard to not fall in love with.


Sam Valdez is definitely a One to Watch. A future monster of music with the potential to be a remarkable singer and songwriter. If you don’t believe me, you should turn down the lights and let yourself go to the stunning ‘Mirage’ EP.


You can follow Sam Valdez on: Twitter // Facebook // Instagram


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