SPELLES, is the moniker of Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Kathryn Baar. She first gained attention in 2014 when her – at the time unreleased- single “Bird in a Cage” was synced on the mainstream show Pretty Little Liars. Also, she has recently released her second EP titled “Skeleton Coast”.


The name, which was inspired by the desolate stretch of animal bones and shipwrecks along the coast of Namibia, actually refers to her life in LA.


“I developed a lot of anxiety, depression, and health issues when I moved to the west coast after college and it felt like the perfect title to represent those experiences. There’s also something really spooky and primal about the sound of it, which are elements I like to play with in my music.”


This new EP was recorded in only 10 days with the help from producer Sonny DiPerri (Animal Collective, Emma Ruth Rundle) and collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Luc Laurent.


“Skeleton Coast” sonically ranges from tribal, ethnic driven songs like “Teach Me How to Pray” and “Dead in the Water” to the more delicate and haunting guitar vocal track like “Wildfire”. But this EP also shows the personal growth of Kathryn Baar in every level.


You could say there’s a darkness that lives in everybody and the music of SPELLES, even at the most imperceptible level, seems to explore those inner feelings within and leaving the listener with its world turn outside down.


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