St. Humain_Introducing
St. Humain_Introducing


It’s time for some new discoveries like today’s enigmatic singer, songwriter and producer St. Humain.


This honest and raw storyteller pop act, born in Singapore but now is based in Sidney, Australia. Where he created all the addictive and urban-infused melodies mixed with electronic elements that characterize his music.


Among his inspirations, we can find modern acts such as Dua Lipa, Julia Michaels or Charlie Puth. But for writing his own songs, he’s only inspired by his own life and his emotions.


St. Humain reveals, “My songs are always about something in my personal life and I don’t write what I can’t relate to, because I think that at the end of the day we’re all human and are in need of some real authentic connections. Honesty is the motto here”.


His latest single ‘Fever Vibe’, an electro-pop summerish anthem has already achieved more than 850.000 plays on streaming services and has been mixed by Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber, Starley) and mastered by Leon Zervos (Maroon 5, Troye Sivan).


The groovy ‘Fever Vibe’ thematically focuses on the feeling of being in love, “That spark in the early days of a relationship is highly romantic and being the incredibly idealistic person I am, I tried to distil it to a three-minute song”, confesses St. Humain.


We’ll have more exciting music from St. Humain before 2018 ends, but the most exciting thing is that we’ll have his debut EP Emotional Sauna, in January 2019.


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