Bristol. Scorpio. 17.


That’s the brief description you can find about TS Graye in her Spotify’s profile. She prefers to speak through music and let me tell you that she does it so well.


TS Graye’s influences were always surrounding her; from trip hop to the sounds of Bristol’s iconic groups and musicians (Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead), but she’s also inspired by some of her contemporaries such as Lana Del Rey, Banks, Jorja Smith or SZA among others talented artists. All that music made TS Graye learned how to produce and play the piano from her bedroom and improve constantly her writing skills (she has been writing two songs a week since she was thirteen).


Last June TS Graye released her debut track ‘MY2’ (Murder You 2), a remarkable presentation of musical maturity for a 17-years-old artist, that serves as the first taste from her upcoming debut EP due in October.


That track was a bomb in every sense. Smoky breathy vocals. Smooth sensual beats. Dark Soundscape. A pure fantasy for every single music lover of dark pop and r&b, produced by Louis Mattrs.


“I wrote ‘MY2’ after finding out that someone I loved had broken my trust. It reflects the different and conflicting emotions I felt in the aftermath of that situation. At first, I play it off and try to fool myself that I’m cool with what has happened, but, in reality, I’m angry and hurt, hence the aggressive switch in the lyrics and production. I think you have to acknowledge and work through those feelings to accept the shit that happens and leave it in the past.” – TS Graye


Last July 26th, she premiered a new track called ‘Take Notes’, proving that her musical maturity is from another world. Giving us a fully-fledged pop sound that embraces perfectly her soulful voice.


TS Graye has explained that ‘Take Notes’ is “about realising that you’ve fallen in love with someone unexpectedly. At first, I was soul-searching, trying to understand why I was feeling some way about a friend. As soon as I clocked that I was in love, I saw that the game had changed forever and had to lay down the law, hence spelling out the rules and asking him to take notes.”


You can follow TS Graye on: Twitter // Facebook // Instagram 


Is going to be a real pleasure to watch TS Graye grow as an artist.


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