Vera is going to be a huge name in the music industry this future 2018. This young Danish producer is creating the smoothest and sophisticated tracks you can find in the whole world and is poetic justice that his name became used between the today’s music stars.


“Good Job No Conversation” is Vera’s stunning classy debut EP which was released on December 8th and included 7 tracks. All worthy listen especially if you’re a fan of atmospheric music and songs like “Smooth Operator” by Sade, which by the way should call Vera and make an explosive track. If you check both options go to Spotify and change your day for better.


PD: He has collaborated with , Liss and others danish artists these recent years. But Vera definitely has his own future as a promising producer without the necessity of big stars and huge budgets.


Enjoy Vera’s talent and good luck trying to stay away from tracks like “Mystery”, “Nobody Else” or one of our favourites “Love Hurts”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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