Jazz Mino is ready to leave the past and all the toxic people behind on her new single “Old Friends”

A few years ago, we introduced you to Jazz Mino and made our first interview ever on the site with her.

In 2019, Jazz Mino took a year off of releasing music due to ending an emotionally controlling and challenging relationship. So now that she’s back with new music, it’s a pleasure to continue supporting her.

“Old Friends” is the first of a series of singles that she will be releasing this year; Jazz Mino said that all this new music is “all about cutting toxic people out of your life and building yourself back up (my life over the past couple years)”

“Hey to all my old friends
Fuck you if you’re listening
Let’s pretend that I still care
And wish you well”

Listen to “Old Friends” below and stay tuned for the rest of the fantastic pop tunes that she will be releasing this year.

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