Jazz Mino is serving a definite contender for summer hit anthem with the addictive ‘Misunderstand’

After ‘Crush’, ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ and ‘Warriors’, Jazz Mino is ready to keep increasing her amazing streaming numbers with the vulnerable with insanely addictive ‘Misunderstand’.


Since the moment we have the opportunity to talk with Jazz Mino, we knew that she would serve us pop excellence with her promising career. ‘Misunderstand’ is not the exception, a joyful very on trend production which makes the vulnerable lyrics of the track to shine. A complete triumph.


Jazz Mino has explained that: “‘Misunderstand’ has a slightly darker edge than my other singles, it’s about overcoming rejection which is something I’ve wanted to write about for a while. I think with social media being our window to people’s lifestyles, it’s so easy to imagine that people in the public eye live this sort of ‘perfect life’. All of my singles so far have been about positivity, and ‘Misunderstand’ shows a different, more vulnerable side to me, which I’ve never really shown to my listeners and fans before. The song is very close to my heart and I’m both terrified and super hyped to share it with the world”.


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