Jennifer Lopez enlists Skrillex and PooBear on dated danceable track “Us”

It seems that Jennifer Lopez has delayed the highly anticipated Spanish album produced by Marc Anthony, to continue the strategy of releasing danceable singles expecting that one of them is a global hit that finances the rest of the project. But if Jennifer is waiting for another “On The Floor” in 2018, she’ll have to wait a bit more.


“Us” produced by Skrillex and PooBear, is a danceable tropical track with all the clichés of the genre. Is basic? Yes. Is a bop? Yes. Why they have released this song in winter? No idea, but the biggest mistake ever.


This track is claiming for an early summer release with a classic dance in the paradise video and a performance at the AMA’s or whatever show award they could find, because Jennifer Lopez strongest quality is that her performance game is outstanding.


You can listen to “Us” below:


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