Jesse Saint John releases his raw and musing new single “WISER”

Jesse Saint John has been known for sharing his talents with your favourites pop stars during the last few years. He has collaborated with living legend Britney Spears on her album Glory, Charli XCX and Kim Petras among others.

Last year he decided to go solo and finally release his own music with amazing bops like energetic banger “MOVE”, the addictively “FAKE IT” and the most recent one until now “WHAT DO U LIKE.”

But now Jesse Saint John’s back with his first single of 2019, and let me tell you that is fucking amazing.

“WISER” is that relatable introspective bop that you can’t escape of it. Jesse is considering the scary passing of time and addresses the (natural and very relatable) fear of becoming lifeless as he get older and colder.

“What if I’m not getting any wiser? I’m only getting older. What if I’m not getting any stronger? I’m only getting colder,”

“WISER” marks the first hint from a series of new tracks that will be part of Jesse Saint John’s debut EP don’t stop dancing. life gets sad (iconic title).

Last year he commented this of Instagram about his debut EP: “The overall theme of my new EP ‘don’t stop dancing. life gets sad.’ is the ways that we distract ourselves from lingering pain & sadness to get through our everyday lives,”

Get a little reflexive with “WISER” below:

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