Jessie Ware is serving 80’s realness on her new mild and funky single “Ooh La La”

As the release of the album What’s Your Pleasure? has been delayed for two weeks until 19th of June. Jessie Ware has released a new incredible track (after the classy “Spotlight”) that increase the hype for the record even more.

“Ooh La La” is serving us a different vocal register from Jessie Ware. So silky and seductive, while she’s waiting for her lover to pick her up on his motorcycle. The attitude and mood of the song are entirely 80’s playful and magnetic with a lot of layers and different sounds appearing during every single second of it. Really smart to speed up the tempo of the song slowly until the arrival of the bridge.

Enjoy “Ooh La La” by Jessie Ware:

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