John Mayer’s new single “Last Train Home” is a gorgeous tribute to the 80s + New album Sob Rock coming on July 16th

John Mayer is going to live his best Bryan Adams fantasy with his upcoming eighth studio album Sob Rock, which is coming on July 16th. 

This new single, “Last Train Home”, is just a perfect nostalgic tribute to the 80s with the track’s gorgeous and comforting melodies. Plus, the voice of John Mayer just fits perfectly along with this “old” sound.

It feels like the perfect soundtrack for a romantic sitcom in the 80s. Absolutely stellar. 

Sob Rock will be Mayer’s first studio album since 2017’s The Search for Everything. He has also released the full tracklist for Sob Rock, which you can find below: 

Last Train Home

Shouldn’t Matter but It Does

New Light

Why You No Love Me

Wild Blue

Shot in the Dark

I Guess I Just Feel Like

Til the Right One Comes

Carry Me Away

All I Want Is to Be With You

Extra Info: The sticker on the cover of the record changes depending on which platform are you listening to “Last Train Home”.

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