Jubël has just released “Teenage Minds”, the most catchy and summerish song you’re gonna listen in a while

Jubël consists of Sebastian Atas and Victor Sjöström (both come from Halmstad, Sweden). Although they have been writing, producing and releasing music together for many years before Jubël was formed, it wasn’t only until the two found and develop their own sound when they decided to create the group.

 “Teenage Minds” continues with Jubël’s sound, which is a captivating mixture of organic and modern electronic music elements.

The group hopes to repeat the incredible success of their previous singles (“ILLUSION” and the unforgettable “Dancing In the Moonlight”). Being the last one, the group most played song on Spotify, with more than 35 million plays.

Enjoy Jubël’s young love new single “Teenage Minds” below:

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