Kimbra gives us “Like The Do On The Tv” another taste from her upcoming third album “Primal Heart”

This new album was scheduled for release on 19 January 2018; However, on 9 January, Kimbra announced that the album’s release had been pushed for unknown reasons back to 20 April 2018.


As a compensation, Kimbra released “Hi Def Distance Romance” as a free exclusive download to fans signed up to her mailing list.


From the moment we have heard five tracks from the album: “Everybody Knows”, “Top of the World”, “Human”, “Version of Me” and the new one “Like They Do On The Tv”.


The track featured an exquisite production and vocal delivery as Kimbra has always done. The chorus is probably one of the most hypnotic ones we have heard in a long time.


“Primal Heart” tracklist:


1. The Good War
2. Top of the World
3. Everybody Knows
4. Like They Do On The TV
5. Recovery
6. Human
7. Lightyears
8. Black Sky
9. Past Love
10. Right Direction
11. Version of Me
12. Real Life

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