Kygo-Ellie-Goulding-First Time
Kygo-Ellie-Goulding-First Time

Kygo + Ellie Goulding + “First Time” = The same tropical house track

A new track made from old ashes


Nowadays when some Dj’s or singers make a tropical house track, can be two things:


1 – A good track with class with some innovative touches.

2 – The same of cliché all over again.


Kygo and Ellie are an excellent example of the second case with their new track “First Time”. A nostalgic reminiscence of young innocent love theme mixed with some flutes, synthesizers and drums.


We know that this collaboration is only for promotional purposes in benefit of Ellie Goulding, who’s expected to release her new single in early summer.


Listen to “First Time:


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