“La Sandunguera” by Nathy Peluso: A conceptual journey about boundaries, sadness and life

Nathy Peluso is like a river in the middle of the desert. A fresh blow of air in a saturated scene. Nathy’s journey began 22 years ago in her native Argentina, and her inexhaustible life and professional journey have bathed with the freshness of her passionate voice to all of Spain, a country where he has lived for many years.


In 2018 Nathy Peluso will continue to submerge the world into her brave waters, with a tour around Europe, just after with the publication of her new EP “La Sandunguera”. Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop Nathy explores every possible musical genre; everything flows like water, she is a free spirit.


We knew that Nathy had taken classical and theatrical training and we also knew about her ability to go, even vocally, from rap to jazz and soul, but this new EP “La Sandunguera”, show us a theatrical madness of Soul and R&B.


“La Sandunguera” is 50% Hip-Hop and 50% Jazz-Latin-Soul oriented above all to the vocal brilliance and versatility of Natalia. We have to warn you that this is not a typical album, is almost impossible to encapsulate it among a single genre like rap or soul.


Nathy Peluso, is imposing her print as a multitalented artist, provoking, bewildering and, in the end, intoxicating the public with her lyrics. How, if not, can be qualified the fact that he dedicates, in an utterly hilarious way, 80% of “Gimme Some Pizza” to repeat willingly without ceasing her uncontrollable desire for the star dish of Italian cuisine – of course, we are talking about a sexual metaphor or not?


The theatricality, the interpretation, the magic of a character (we supposed that “La Sandunguera” is an alter-ego) they are commonly neglected, when not despised, in contemporary pop and Nathy Peluso, she says, wants to bring the past into the present. With a prominent success at the moment.




Nathy Peluso is one of the most authentic artists that have emerged in recent years, that’s why we included her as one of our Spanish/Latin Artists To Watch this 2018. She’s building a career based on explored the boundaries of fusion music and expanded it through Urban, R&B, Rap and Rap.


“La Sandunguera” is a conceptual exercise with a more organic treatment, in which she flirts with salsa, blues, vocal jazz standards, Italian song and radio soap opera. Nathy Peluso is ready to stay, and we love it.


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