Let’s go to the streets aka “Calle” with Lola Índigo’s new explosive single along with Guaynaa and Cauty

The Spanish artist Lola Índigo has finally begun her new musical era, which will follow the successful Akelarre with the explosive release of “Calle”.

Since she started to tease “Calle” with that colourful and eye-popping 90s/00s throwback futuristic aesthetic single artwork, you could already feel that this was going to be everything you expect from Lola Índigo, attitude and a hell of a song to dance to.

“Calle” is all of that. Although in the current situation, it still fell weird to listen to a song advocating to go out to the streets, when you literally can’t (depending on the place, obviously). But it will indeed have a renaissance in terms of exposure, especially at the clubs, when everything goes back to “normal” one day soon.

This single is the confirmation of Lola Índigo’s power when it comes to Latin music, as she has secured the collaboration of two of the most successful male artists in that industry right now, like Guaynna and Cauty. And a strategy that also helps her keep growing in popularity in Latin America.

The video is a video game fantasy meets Street Fighter with that reminiscence of the 90s with all those “street bands” and the whole presentation of it. Plus an incredible choreography like no one does nowadays, particularly in the Spanish’s market.

Enjoy “Calle” below:

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