Let’s have some good perreo with Lola Índigo’s new single “4 Besos” featuring Rauw Alejandro and Lalo Ebratt

Lola Indigo has released her first single of 2020 titled “4 besos.” A collaboration with some friends of her, Rauw Alejandro and the Colombian Lalo Ebratt who previously collaborated with her on “Maldición” included on Akelarre.

“4 Besos” in words of Lola índigo is “a tribute to all my colleagues with whom I shared tables and stage, to the world of cabaret, to share laughter in the dressing rooms, rehearsals, the night, the li, the lights, the illusion, of the entertainment, it goes for you dreamers”.

It’s a sensual slow reggaeton with an infectiously effective chorus that goes:

“Cuatro vece’ te besé // Y en tre’ te enamoré // Con do’ yo te robé // Y con uno no’ fuimo’ pa’l piso //”

“4 Besos” by Lola Índigo

We will see if Lola Índigo is capable of achieving the immense streaming numbers that a few of her previous singles like “Lola Bunny” or “Ya No Quiero Na” both have on Spotify. But without any doubt, we now have some excellent “perreo” for the quarantine.

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