Lianne La Havas Shares New soulful and smooth Song called “Bittersweet”

British multitalented singer-songwriter and guitarist Lianne La Havas is back in the game with a new single called “Bittersweet.” This track served as introducing for Lianne’s future album, which will be the follow-up of Blood (2015).

On a recent press release, Lianne’s said: “I’d forgotten how much I love singing”. Later adding, “I’ve tapped into the best and worst parts of me, and while I didn’t expect this to be the direction of my new music, it’s my reality, and it’s driven by emotion.”

“Bittersweet” is a smooth and blissful track with an incredible soulful melody that suits incredibly good with Lianne’s magistral vocal ability to build an emotionally enchanting atmosphere in each one of her records. It just feels like the sea breeze touching your skin on a late-summer day, just simply a fantasy made a reality.

Listen to “Bittersweet” performance for COLORS below:

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