Lola Índigo wants another hit with “Santería” featuring Danna Paola & Denise Rosenthal.

The career of Lola índigo is an absolute success. Not only because every song that she releases become an instant hit, for the enjoyment of her haters, but also because of her image and star power is quite established in Spain and quite soon in South America.

It seems that “Santería” her explosive new single which features Danna Paola & Denise Rosenthal, is the final step of the trilogy of female-empowering tracks that includes “Maldición” & “Mujer Bruja”.

“Santería” has been produced by Mango and Nabález. Creating another massively strong and dynamic track for Lola Índigo who is turning out to be the biggest pop star that Spain has seems in a long time (not counting Rosalía obviously). She’s unstoppable, and there’s no doubt of that.

Enjoy the impressive and high-budget video for “Santería” below:

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