LOONA is finally complete with the epic and “Egoist” debut of their twelfth member Olivia

We introduce you the South-Korean group LOONA a few months ago, as one of the most promising and exciting K-Pop acts out there.

Now the twelve-member group is finally complete with the final debut of Olivia Hye “Egoist” ft previous revealed member JinSoul.

The production tracks go off as we have become accustomed to LOONA, Olivia’s vocals are lest stronger than others girls, but it fits so well with the darker atmosphere of “Egoist”. Also JinSoul rap part increased the song potential a lot, by the way, the neon sign behind her said “the fallen angel”.

Olivia Hye has also released another track titled “Rosy” with Heejin. Being this track a bit flat if we compared to the main single.

Enjoy yourself finding all the references to the “Creation of Adan” and more in Hye’s “Egoist” video:


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