LUME releases an ethereal moody track that you can not miss, titled “Edge of My Seat”

The first time i write about LUME was almost a year ago, when she was about to release her debut EP “Tip Of Your Thumb”.

Now, she’s about to release her second EP, and she has already released the first track from it. “Edge of My Seat” (a collaboration with Maths Time Joy) continues with the idyllic production of her previous work and the dreamy pop atmosphere that made her so easy to listen .

“The song imagines that there’s a search party or rescue mission out there looking to pull us out of the mud” explains LUME, who wrote the song after hearing that a string of her musician friends were struggling and on the brink of quitting the proffesion.

“It’s a hopeful track, with the idea that we’ll all find contentment and clarity at some point – with whatever we choose to fight for, or let go of. At the time I also had this overwhelming sense that everything was going to be fine and I felt excited for us all. And that actually, maybe I was their search party in parts of the song, and they were mine.”

You can expect more music & live shows from LUME during this 2019. Just stay tuned.

Enjoy LUME’s new single “Edge of My Seat” below:

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