The last time we wrote about Marie Naffah was almost a year ago, a lot of things have changed since then, but one thing that is still intact is Marie’s soulful music. 

She had kicked off 2022 with her compelling new single, “I Want More”. This is the start of a string of new music leading up to the release of her second EP, set for release this Summer. 

This new music comes after Marie set herself an ambitious challenge in mid-2021 when restrictions began to ease, by playing fifty shows in fifty days: 50/50: For the Love of Live.  

The stories and people that Naffah encountered along those 50 days ultimately inspired her to write new EP Trains (Summer 2022). The EP’s lead single “I Want More” cinematic nature is an absolute pleasure to the ears, unveiling an unique warm energy that makes you connect instantly with Marie’s frank songwriting. Such a strong opener for a new era, true to the artist’s nature, but showing incredible growth on all levels.

Speaking of the track, Marie says:

Although the song initially screens as a love song, the song for me is actually about wanting to feel the magic of live music again. I wanted to get really intimate and into the nitty-gritty of that. The song is all about electricity, really – it’s a nod to all the cables and amps – it was about wanting to really buzz again. It’s about losing a spark and wanting to find it, and refusing to settle for ‘fine’. I think the beauty of the song is that it can be applicable to so many other things – better relationships, better careers, taking more risks, more adventures. I want this song to dare people to dream, begging the question- ‘what do you want more of?”

Enjoys Marie Naffah’s exclusive performance of new single “I Want More” below:

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