mp.oxford debuts emotive new single “Places” & Debut EP External Heartdrive

Copenhagen-based DIY R&B-pop artist, mp.oxford, is on a double celebration with the release of his latest single “Places” (May 21st) and his debut ep External Heartdrive (June 4th). Both of these releases are just perfect for those who are obsessed with lo-fi music and slow jams. 

“Places” is a song full of sentiment and touching lyrics about the aftermath of a heartbreak and how sometimes memories and re-visiting some places can make your world fall apart. 

“It happened to me, but it is in no way a special feeling. I think it is one of the most common sides in the aftermath of heartbreak. And it is the constant reminding of the other person’s existence, when you visit these places that makes it so difficult to get over the person and move on.” – mp. oxford.

His debut Ep External Heartdrive, which I must say that I love the name, is a collection of eight beautifully crafted songs about losing the love of your life. Indeed, a passionate introduction that includes some really superb melodies and lyrics. 

My top 3: “Lifetime In The Morning”, “Why’d You Never Teach Me To Dance?” (this one is too stunning) and “Dry My Eyes”.

“Every idea and song was created in the heat of the moment – in the powerless moment of devastating heartbreak. Each song represents different states and emotions of this process.” – mp. oxford.

Enjoy mp. oxford’s debut Ep External Heartdrive below:

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