Normani’s masterstroke is called “Motivation”

This is how you do it if you want to make a debut with a bang!!!

Normani is not playing kids games with her first solo single since her collaboration with Sam Smith on “Dancing With a Stranger” and the break-up of Fifth Harmony. This is a classy pop star level of madness.

“Motivation” is serving us some serious 00’s throwback in every single aspect. That beat, the seductive vocals and the care-free feeling written all over the production and the lyrics. A modern early Aaliyah & Beyoncé experience on Instagram’s era.

But what really sells the track, is the video. Normani is absolutely charming, serving a fire attitude and giving a choreography that is so eye-popping and well-executed. A homage to the late ’90s/ early 00’s MTV era with explicit references to iconic moments from Britney Spears, JLo, Beyoncé and Ciara among others.

I mean that moment of “this is how true diva plays basketball” is so mesmerising and iconic. Normani if you can keep this level of star excellence, you are going to be an icon.

Fun fact: Ariana Grande help Normani on the writing process of the track.

Enjoy “Motivation” below:

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