Pastel Stereø release dreamy 90s-inspired debut single “Disappear”

Finnish alt-pop newcomers Pastel Stereø has just shared their debut single “‘Disappear’”. The track is about the “change and having to leave things behind,” says the band; “it’s about the sacrifices made when chasing a dream, moving far away from home and the scary realisation of your old friends becoming a distant part of your memory.”

Pastel Stereø was formed at a music summer camp by singer Eemeli and guitarist Mikael. The band’’s lineup was finally completed when Eemeli recruited high school friends Leo to play bass and Jimi to play the drums. 

After a while working on demos, the band found their way to producer and songwriter Colin Brittain, who has worked for various artists such as 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, Avicii and Papa Roach. Later, Pastel Stereø flew to Los Angeles and started working with Colin alongside songwriters Chris Greatti and Elijah Noll in what it could be their debut record. 

With ‘”Disappear’”, Pastel Stereø’s has embraced the 90s dreamy sound with reminiscences of groups such as The 1975 or the dream-pop duo Joan. It’s a mellow sound that goes easily in the listener’s mind, and that it is a more than pleasant first experience with the Finnish Group.

Enjoy “Disappear” below: 

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