‘Pienso En Tu Mirá’ confirms that Rosalía is from another world

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Rosalía revealed a few weeks in Rockdelux that the second single of her second studio album, ‘El Mal Querer’, entitled ‘Pienso En Tu Mirá’, would arrive in July. Shortly before the end of this month, the song has finally premiered.


An immaculate production by El Guincho and Rosalía whose continues to explore different elements of Flamenco mixed with modern sounds and bring it into a vast and massive worldwide audience.


CANADA has produced and directed the official video for ‘Pienso En Tu Mirá’, which is again a piece full of symbology, in which for example we see a Rosalía apparently in mourning, being wrapped by dancers who place jewels or surround her with their hands, and also threatened by several men who point him with shotguns or knives.


The arrival of ‘Pienso En Tu Mirá’ comes shortly after Rosalía unveils to be part of the cast of ‘Dolor y Gloria’, the new film by Pedro Almodóvar, in which the Catalan singer will debut as an actress. Meanwhile, ‘Malamente’ continues in the top 20 of the most listened singles in Spain (16), and ‘Brillo’ by J Balvin with Rosalía is top 29. The song has recently entered at the Spotify 50 Viral Tracks worldwide.


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