Promis3’s new icy banger “Future Funeral” is their best work yet

Without any doubt, the Belgian duo is one of the most promising music acts out there in Europe. Form by Andras Vleminckx and Brent Dielen, they keep surprising us with every single new track not only because of their fusion of sounds but also because of the visuals they offer. Top-notch material for any Hyperpop or Eurodance lover.

“Future Funeral” is again a self-released single via Simulated Paradise (their own agency). Their approach to music is what we need in the European music scene with a forward-thinking approach to music and a differential visual universe that meld reality with parallel universes.

This new track is everything I was hoping for the duo after their lasted releases. An icy beat that will suit any rave and a dark goth aesthetic helps the duo create their own virtual dance floor in your mind while keeping that edgy melancholic essence and warm melodies that follow their music from the very beginning.

Enjoy “Future Funeral” below:

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