Put some colour in your life with Emily Burns’ new single “Too Cool”

Is so nice to see how Emily Burns, who we introduce her in our website last July, continues to improve with every new track and becoming a must to watch in the UK pop scene.

This new single “Too Cool” is a super genuine pop track. From the sweet melodies to the fizzle production and the colourful video, everything feels like a win for Emily Burns. A total charming record that we hope serves as the first taste from an upcoming EP or even album.

Here what Burns has said about “Too Cool”:

“You know when you’re with someone who is just too calm and collected about everything? They just agree with you constantly, even when you’re wrong. They are so wonderful in every way that it’s actually infuriating. That’s what I wrote “Too Cool” about. I was lucky enough to be writing with Martin Luke Brown and Phil Cook on this particular day. I started explaining the situation to them, and they laughed… we thought it would be fun to list all of the ways in which you could deliberately try to wind someone up, in desperate attempt to get a reaction out of them. That’s how the verses came about. It was amazing to leave the studio that day having written this song.”

Enjoy “Too Cool” below:

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