Putochinomaricón_Corazón De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor_Album
Putochinomaricón_Corazón De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor_Album

PUTOCHINOMARICÓN surprises with a nostalgic track titled “No Quiero Salir”

PUTOCHINOMARICÓN has premiered another track of the still unpublished and imminent mini-LP “Corazón De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor”, which will be published in limited edition vinyl format of only 500 copies and of course in digital format next April 20th.


In this case, “No Quiero Salir” is a romantic song, but there’s still some criticism for social media on the lyrics everything built over a base of PC Music and Surreal-Pop. The track invites us to have “the mobile off or in aeroplane mode” to enjoy life and other things. There is nostalgic in the lyrics, in his desire to stay at home and without turning on the smartphone. It’s the clear antithesis of the wonderful “No Tengo Wifi”.


The arrival of “No Quiero Salir” coincides with the news that “Gente de mierda” has been placed in the top 1 of Viral Spotify Spain during the last hours, “only a year” after his official release on YouTube.


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