Rebecca Black has probably released her most sultry track ever with “Worth It For The Feeling”

People can say whatever they want about Rebecca Black’s career. Still, it’s undeniable that she has reinvented herself and try new territories as much as possible.

Rebecca Black’s newest single, “Worth It For the Feeling,” is such a sultry and seductive approach to pop music. The sexy atmosphere of the whole track with that ethereal chorus riding the beat, it’s just so heartfelt.

The new song is another taste from Black’s latest project, Rebecca Black Was Here (Out June 16th, 2021). That project will be the result of her reintroduction to the music scene with a brand new sound and approach to her artistry in the last years.

“Worth It For the Feeling” also comes with a pretty red music video directed by Weston Allen.

Enjoy Rebecca Black’s new song “Worth It For the Feeling” below:

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