REYNA’s exceptionally moody new track “Quarantine Baby” is a must-listen

As the title suggests, “Quarantine Baby” was written in lockdown about staying connected through the pandemic and both sides of relationships, whether new love, getting through a heartbreak, or even both.

This track was produced by Colombian duo Salt Cathedral, who created such a captivating and hypnotic production that confirms to be a clear departure in terms of sound from REYNA’s previous dance-pop sound.

“We wrote this in March 2020 when quarantine/lockdown had just started. We would lounge around with drinks and a guitar and write all day. Vic would sit on the floor and FaceTime her girlfriend for hours talking about how much they missed each other and how long it would be before they saw each other again. It got me thinking about how many long-distance relationships or any relationship would actually make it through covid. It’s been such a rough year for all of us COVID came and changed our lives. We’ve all lost people or jobs, even relationships.” Gab says.

In fact, the bilingual track “Quarantine Baby” has a profoundly heartfelt nature as Vic adds, “When I listen to this song, it makes me smile because we’ve all found a way to get through it. We have found ways to stay connected, to find love, or to get through heartbreak during a pandemic.”

Enjoy “Quarantine Baby” by the incredible sister duo REYNA below:

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