Rosalía surprass herself with her new direction and the incredible ‘Malamente’

You can read our review of El Mal Querer here.


A few days ago Rosalía revealed the name of her new project, ‘El mal querer’, and today she finally gives us what will be her first breakthrough, ‘Malamente’.


Co-produced by El Guincho and Rosalía herself, manages to fuse perfectly flamenco and urban rhythms, creating a unique masterpiece that shows us that Rosalía is one of the most unique and talented artists of Spain. It’s only a matter of time that she will become a global and highly successful artist.


‘Malamente’ video is a little piece of Spain’s history with bullfighters, Nazarenes and cars, that has been materialised by the famous production company, and directors’ collective based in Barcelona called CANADA and choreographed by Charm La Donna, who has worked with Britney Spears and Selena Gomez among others.


This summer the Catalan artist will be performing in Madrid (Festival Cultura Inquieta), Marbella (Starlite Festival) and at the Sónar Festival of Barcelona.


Let’s yourself go with Rosalía’ new masterpiece ‘Malamente’:


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