Rosalía reveals all the details of her new album ‘El mal querer’

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As she announced herself this week, Rosalia‘s new album will be entitled ‘El mal querer’, as it was revealed in the third video-teaser about this work that has been uploaded to its YouTube channel recently. In this new clip, the Barcelona artist gives more clues as to how ‘El mal querer’ will be, an album in which she explores “the passions”, “wanting badly” and “everything that entails a relationship of ties”. She also says that she cares to claim the role of women as producers.


This is confirmed by El Guincho, co-producer of the album, who insists that it is a job that both have played, because she has very clear ideas about her production, and that he only helps Rosalia to express them. Pablo Díaz Reixa also explains that before starting to work with her, he had no idea of flamenco, and that Rosalía introduced him to that language, which now sounds like pop to him.


These new songs are moving away from ‘Los Ángeles’ – their successful debut edited last year, produced by Refree – although they somehow maintain the Flemish root. Other of the revelations of that first video is that ‘El mal querer’ is a project that is financing itself, since it is not tied to any company – Universal published ‘Los Angeles’ under an exclusive license.


According to teaser number 2, the dance will have a lot of weight and, therefore, the visual in this new project. Apart from the fact that the dance is presented in her live shows.


What is not clear to us is whether those snapshots with Pharrell Williams had to do with ‘El mal querer’ or their collaboration confirmed in the new album of J Balvin. Yes, the deadlines for the performance of Rosalía in the next edition of the Sónar festival seem set, where she is sure that she will present ‘El mal querer’ between June 14 and 18. If everything continues like this, it is possible that in less than a month we have among us this highly awaited new work.


UPDATE (September 12th): Rosalía has finally revealed the cover and the release date of ‘El Mal Querer’, which is going to be released on November 2nd.



Enjoy the two first singles of ‘El Mal Querer’:





‘Pienso En Tu Mira’:



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