Ruth Lorenzo reveals the details of her new album “Loveaholic” + New track “My Last Song”

Ruth Lorenzo takes advantage of Valentine’s Day to announce her new album “Loveaholic”, which is released on March 9th. The album had already advanced with the energetic and dark “Good Girls Don’t Lie”, and now it’s time to listen to a new single entitled “My Last Song”.


The pop-rocker track, which nonetheless features prominent acoustic guitars, and is therefore comparable to the style of Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne or P!Nk. “Loveaholic” will alternate a majority of songs in English with a few apparently in Spanish (there is a song called “Moscas Muertas” and another “Amanecer”). In addition, it will contain a collaboration with the American singer-songwriter Jeff Beck, known for his work for Alison Krauss, Blackhawk or Sam Bush.


“Loveaholic” Tracklist:


01 – Bring Back the New
02 – Good Girls Do not Lie
03 – The First Man
04 – Ride
05 – Loveaholic
06 – My Last Song
07 – Bodies
08 – Dead Flies
09 – Freaks
10 – Spanish Guitar
11 – Another Day (feat. Jeff Black)
12 – Sunrise



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