Salvador Sobral releases “Sangue do meu sangue”, the exquisitely beautiful first single of his upcoming album BPM

Salvador Sobral’s third album BPM will be the follow up of Paris, Lisboa (2019), which was his first album after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 with “Amar pelos dois.”

“Sangue do meu sangue” (Blood of my blood) is the first superb single to be revealed from BPM, which is set to be released on May 28th.

About this new single, “Sangue do meu Sangue”, Salvador Sobral said in a statement: «When I sent the lyrics of “Sangue do meu sangue” to Leo (producer and co-author of the songs), still in the phase of creating the album, I received in 24 hours an absolutely perfect harmonic and melodic structure , in my opinion, the best lyric-music wedding on the record. Leo can always understand perfectly what I mean in music and how I mean it. And this theme is a perfect example of that. Later, during a walk and just by chance, I passed by the place where the video clip was shot and knew at that moment that I wanted to shoot there and that the video would have to be for this theme. There was a kind of call for space that ended up conditioning the rest. When I shared the song and the location with Jep (director), he had this idea of ​​making a sequence plan with me at the centre, focusing on the passage of time».

“Sangue do meu Sangue” was composed by Salvador Sobral with music by Leo Aldrey. It was filmed and directed by Jep Jorba in the access tunnels to the beautiful beach of Carcavelos near Lisbon city, with photography directed by Rui Xavier.

Salvador Sobral will present the new album BPM with concerts in Lisbon and Porto, among other dates in Portugal. The first show is scheduled for June 25th at the Centro Cultural de Belém, followed by the Teatro Sá da Bandeira’s concert on July 9th. 

All the 14 tracks that will be included on BPM were produced by Leo Aldrey and recorded at Le Manoir de Léon studios, in January 2021, by Nelson Carvalho.

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