Scarlet Pleasure - Press 2019
Scarlet Pleasure - Press 2019

Scarlet Pleasure has just released the dangerously catchy “What A Life”, and you shouldn’t miss it

The Danish three-piece is bringing us an anticipated summer with their edgy but playful new single “What A Life”.

The group has always been characterised for their infectious mix of genres and their melodies. And this new track (which hopefully will lead to a new EP or album) is a definite contender to be stuck in your mind for days.

The track has been inspired by an iconic anti-fascist Italian song titled “Bella Ciao”, which has been featuring in films, series and video games multiples times because of his historical importance during the WW2.

If you’re continually looking for the “beautiful life” this is your song:

PS: If you love the song, don’t miss our interview with Scarlet Pleasure coming out in a few days.

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