Sevdaliza embraces the darkness on her new incredible single “Joanna”

After the releases of “Oh My God” and “Lamp Lady”, Sevdaliza returns with the third release of the year and continues to hide any news about her new album ISON as a secret.

“Joanna” is a haunting track surrounded by intriguing melodies of mysterious synthesizers, strumming guitars, subtle piano touch, distorted vocals and epic strings to created such a unique atmosphere. “Evil personified / she prays over the dead (…) Joanna, courteous clairvoyant / please stop ruining me, woman”. The track has been produced by Sevdaliza and Mucky.

“I wrote” Joanna “during one of the darkest periods of my life, I am very grateful that this pain is now part of my past, a new layer that brought meaning and a well-deserved light found in my life” wrote the artist.

Enjoy the video for “Joanna” which has been directed by Fernanda Who, below:

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