Sigrid releases “I Don’t Want To Know” another taste from her upcoming EP

Sigrid is destinated to be a massive pop star since the beginning of her career. Everyone goes nuts with “Don’t Kill My Vibe” a total declaration of intentions in the form of an explosive debut single which was justly followed by tracks like “Plot Twist” and “Fake Friends”.


But the final recognition of her talent came with her being honoured with the BBC Sound of 2018, one of the most important awards for newcomers artists. A total revulsive for Sigrid, who today releases “I Don’t Want To Know” a brand new song from her highly anticipated new EP.


A heartbreaking ballad track which it’s a kind of Sigrid’s own particular homage to growing up and all the good sides of it and the bad sides of it. It has been produced by Stuart Crichton & Jamie Hartman and written by Sigrid & Jamie Hartman.


This new EP, still untitled, will include five tracks and is scheduled to be released before summer.


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