‘So Sad So Sexy’ by Lykke Li: A remarkable opening for a whole new chapter

A decade after Lykke Li’s debut album ‘Youth Novels’, which established her as one of the most interesting and atopic Swedish acts, is back embracing a completely new sound that reflects all the changes that she has to suffer since her last album ‘I Never Learn’ (2014). Her partner Jeff Bhasker (Kanye West, Mark Ronson, Harry Styles…) has helped Lykke Li to create a new soundscape to express all her emotions and experiences, all these happen in a place called ‘So Sad So Sexy’.

This record features a massive palette of new sounds and beats that at times make her previous work sound burdensome, but don’t worry all time fans, you can take the essence of a person that easily. Lykke Li’s has managed to create a balanced but intricate atmosphere of sophisticated pop fused with contemporary R&B. The music flows in an unseen way for Lykke without been uncohesive, there’s a driven energy on every single note that captivates you to continue exploring Lykke’s history.

Apart from her partner Jeff Bhasker, there’s a huge list of A-level collaborators for ‘So Sad So Sexy’, including: Bhasker, Rostam (Vampire Weekend), Malay (Frank Ocean, Zayn), Emile Haynie (Lana Del Rey, Troye Sivan, Bruno Mars) and even Skrillex (although at this time should be know that he can produce every possible musical genre). But not get her wrong, Lykke’s knows to focus on her own vision at tracks like ‘Sex Money Feelings Die,’ ‘Deep End,’ and especially the magnificent ‘Last Piece’ and ‘Utopia’ with both easily among her best songs ever.

‘So Sad So Sexy’ is opening a remarkable whole new chapter for Lykke’s enviable career full of quality and extraordinary moments. A true queen who swing softly between devasting and danceable sounds like no other in the game. This record is more than a “reborn” (in Lykke Li’s own words), is a statement of how sexy sentiments and feelings can be. Express yourself people, don’t be afraid of your reality.

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