‘Solo’ by Clean Bandit & Demi Lovato is a woop woop woop

‘Solo’, the song that has just been released by Demi Lovato together with Clean Bandit, the responsible for ‘Rather Be’, ‘Rockabye’ or ‘Symphony’, presents an irresistible nineties beat as well as a treatment of voices and syllables in the chorus that has all the possibilities of turning it into a new ‘Anywhere’ (one of the last hits of Rita Ora).


‘Solo’ of course also has that melancholy inherent in the compositions of Clean Bandit, materialised here through some medium-eastern arrangements. The lyrics of the song are a constant dichotomy between “I can do it alone” and “I can’t do it alone”, in which Demi Lovato struggles to get ahead after a break. The chorus is, therefore, an adversative constant between “I want f * (woop woop woop), but I have broken my heart”, “cry but I like the party” and “I want to touch someone, but I do not have anyone”.


Any specific details on the second album of Clean Bandit have been revealed, although is expected to be released this summer.


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