‘Testament’ by All Saints: A joyfully hypnotic album full of maturity and lush moments

21 years after their homonymous debut album, All Saints sound better than better. If their second comeback album ‘Red Flag’ (2016), was already an exceptional piece of work, this new album ‘Testament’ is a clear statement of the power of maturity in music.

For this new album we have the other original “fifth member” os the group, singer and producer K-Gee Gordon, who has produced or co-produced almost the whole record, and extremely talent and well-known producer William Orbit, who has created two one of most impressive track of the record, ‘After All’ and ‘Testament In Motion’.

But the more important thing is that All Saints sound completely fulfilled and proud of the work with a pure sentiment of enjoyment and joyousness blooming from every single track.

Track by Track ‘Testament’ review:

Who Do You Love?

Is simply the perfect opener for ‘Testament’, a track that agglutinates all the best aspect of the album. From the perfect Nicole’s spoken to the whole music blast of growth, maturity and confidence that shines during the 4:13 minutes long track. A dramatic and punchy song that represent All Saints in all their glory. Special mention to those beautiful strings.

Three Four

This quirky K-Gee’s track is so much fun to listen. Not only because they have experimented with more electronic sounds but also because they recorded this track while they were drunk, which is amazing. Every girl gets her opportunity to shine and show us that they sound better than better.

Love Lasts Forever

Another example of the perfect union between K-Gee and the girls. This was ‘Testament’ first single, an uptempo lush track with anthemic vocals and an incredible captivating energy near to perfection. Is still incredible how All Saints has created their best piece of work 21 years after their debut. K-Gee once again proving how versatile he is with these ladies.

No Issues

Is that urban bop with bouncy bass but a very stylish and current soundscape. The verses are wonderfully written and that chorus is clearly infectious. Special mention to those subtle vocals over the drum and Shazney Lewis, who is doing an incredible work writing and co-writing this whole album.

After All

Is clearly one of the best songs of their career. The result of all those days of pressure, dark moments, split-ups and more. They embrace a new day, pouring all their emotions into an extraordinary music. William Orbit has done such a beautiful job, and up to his name has made an exquisite and embracing production that simply lift the listener to another world. A ten out of ten made of sophisticated melodies, an stunning vocal delivery and heartwarming lyrics. Perfect.

I Would

After all the light of ‘After All’, All Saints serves us a dark moody record that really creates an embracing moment of intimacy around the listener. By this point, it’s obvious that ‘Testament’ is a real cohesive piece of work, every single track is a standout.

Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder

Is a warm and confident track with incredible textures and a really good chorus. The confidence in their vocals is outstanding. Another goal for George Moore, K.Gee Gordon and the girls.


This is simply the SONG. Top notch music. Shaz’s lyrics are on point. The melody is absolutely captivating while the production darkness is a hypnotic moment and one of the highlights of his career. The young girls wish they could serve a track like. The line “Set off the endorphins” is iconic and one of the finest and most pleasing moments of the record.

Testament In Motion

Embrace yourself to be slayed again. William Orbit and All Saints team up again in an absolute delirium of electronics fizz and confidence vocals. Shaz wrote this track a decade ago, but thanks to the universe that she keep it I knew it has to be an All Saints song. A timeless melody and a smooth chorus make the rest. Orbit has really worked magic with All Saints this time around with a clear progression from their previous work with the girls. All Saints sound so good in 2018.


If you were looking for a new anthem, now you have it. Those war drums, the rich and heartfelt production, the empowerment atmosphere…Everything is absolutely hypnotic. Natalie is owning the whole track which is a real banger and a career highlight.


All Saints finish this pleasant journey with an uplifting and joyful melody. A sentiment of happiness that pass all the barriers with an exceptional use of harmonies and intertwined vocals. I love that they decided to stripped back this track to focused more on the maturity of their voices. Such a great closer.

All Saints have excels themselves with ‘Testament’, their most cohesive, pleasant and extremely well-produced album to date. Is easy to feel the passion and determination of the girls on every single track of the album. Mixing it with the knowledge of maturity, an impeccable work with the lyrics by Shaznay and exquisite selection of collaborators, and you’ll have profoundly moving and fresh record like ‘Testament’.

All Saints have pushed their sound to a new level and I love it.

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