The prisoners Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa sing to toxic relationships while sampling Olivia Newton-John

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Just one week before Miley’s seventh studio album Plastic Hearts hits the stores and streaming services, the north-American singer has released her highly anticipated duet “Prisoner” with pop-sensation Dua Lipa.

I was hoping that my deception wasn’t too much taking in consideration that “Midnight Sky” was probably the best single of Miley’s ever. But the truth is that even sampling again the 1981’s iconic Olivia Newton-John’s anthem “Physical”, which Dua’s know very well; I don’t love the song. Just the pre-chorus is giving me life the rest…plain. 

Miley’s Plastic Hearts will include 12-tracks and two more incredible collaborations with Billy Idol & Joan Jett. The full tracklist is this one: 

  • WTF Do I Know
  • Plastic Hearts
  • Angels Like You
  • Prisoner feat. Dua Lipa
  • Gimme What I Want
  • Night Crawling feat. Billy Idol
  • Midnight Sky
  • High
  • Hate Me
  • Bad Karma feat. Joan Jett
  • Never Be Me
  • Golden G String

What are your thoughts about “Prisoner”?

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