“Thinkin Bout You” is Ciara’s best single in years and we can’t be more hyped for her new record Beauty Marks

Beauty Marks is going to be Ciara’s seventh full-length album and the first via her own company Beauty Marks Entertainment, which also turned to be the titled of the album, that is out on May 10th.

After a round of strong and energetic singles like “Dose” or “Level Up”, this brand new single “Thinkin Bout You,” written by Ester Dean and produced by Space Primates, is a blow of fresh air in every sense.

A dreamy and happy atmosphere surround the production of the track, that shows us that sometimes less is more. Just everything is perfect, from the good vibes to Ciara’s vocals and the “silly first date” video. A total win for Ciara.

“’Thinkin Bout You’ ignites all of the feel-good senses from when you first meet someone you really like to when you catch yourself daydreaming about someone you really love,”

Beauty Marks track-list:

“I Love Myself” feat. Macklemore​
“Level Up”​
“Thinkin Bout You”​
“Trust Myself”​
“Girl Gang” feat. Kelly Rowland​
“Na Na”​
“Freak Me” feat. Tekno​
“Greatest Love”​
“Beauty Marks”​

You can watch the official video for “Thinkin Bout You”, directed by Hannah Lux Davis below:

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