“Three” and “Higher” two new heavenly tracks from Lily Allen upcoming album “No Shame”

“Trigger Bang” featuring Giggs, the first single of this new project, was a moody bop, but these new tracks are entirely different from it.


“Three” and “Higher” are two of the most beautiful Lily’s tracks ever. Heavenly productions in both songs that will produce you goosebumps all over, especially the heartbreaking chorus of “Three”. Special mention to “Higher” fantastic and fresh production. Is amazing how everything is on point for this new album (except the album cover which is horrendous).


Listen to “Heaven” and “Three” below:



“No Shame” tracklist and credits:


1 – Come On Then – Lily Allen & Benjamin Garrett
02 – Trigger Bang – Giggs, Lily Allen & Benjamin Garrett
03 – What You Waiting For? – Ray Parker Jr.
04 – Your Choice – Burna Boy, Lily Allen, Ari Pen-Smith & P2J
05 – Lost My Mind – Lily Allen & Tim Rice-Oxley
06 – Higher – Lily Allen, Alistair O’Donell, Daniel London & P2J
07 – Family Man – Lily Allen & Benjamin Garrett
08 – Apples – Lily Allen & Sam Duckworth
09 – Three – Lily Allen & Benjamin Garrett
10 – Everything to Feel Something – Lily Allen, Benjamin Garrett, Eliza Caird & Jenna Andrews
11 – Waste – Lady Chann, Lily Allen, Ellis Taylor & Tim Deal
12 – My One – Lily Allen, Ezra Koenig & Michael Tucker
13 – Pushing Up Daisies – Lily Allen & Cass Lowe
14 – Cake – Lily Allen & Ellis Taylor

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